We take pride in sponsoring Ramsey Education in our local schools and fostering financial literacy in our local youth. To date, 99 students have gone through the curriculum and we’ve received some inspiring feedback!

From Getchell High School, Marysville, WA:

Good Afternoon,

I used the Foundations course last year with my Financial Algebra classes. The impact that the materials had on the students was profound. Each student was given the opportunity to develop sound financial literacy skills based on the ideas of avoiding debt, budgeting, saving an emergency fund, saving for large purchases with sinking funds, saving long term with wise investments, going to college without the use of student loans, and much more.

The students were able to take the concepts they learned and develop strategies for financial success in the future, but I also had the pleasure of watching students put to immediate use what they were learning.

For instance, one student decided to wait on a new cell phone until she had saved up the cash. Over the course of a few months, I watched as she went from trying to convince her adult family members to co-sign to finance a new phone to choosing to save the money and then have the satisfaction of paying for the phone without financing. It meant using the old phone with the cracked screen for longer than she wanted to, but she learned a valuable life lesson.

Another student had to replace a car. Her vehicle was broken and the trade-in value was low, but she had some money saved from her part-time job that could also go towards the replacement car. Rather than picking a car that was out of her price range and having a loan (she was 18 years old at the time), she decided to wait another two months, take extra shifts at her job on the weekends, and ended up buying the replacement car completely with cash and the trade-in value of the old car. It was fun to hear the updates as the weeks past and she was getting closer to that next car, when she showed me the keys, we all cheered for her. Her smile was priceless.

Another student was involved in the ROTC program we have in our district. She decided to pursue the ROTC program at the university she had been accepted to and ended up being offered a full scholarship. She is going to graduate with a degree and no debt. She knows how significant that is.

After learning about investing and retirement, I had several students sign up to start saving through Roth IRA’s.

Another student was able to establish healthy boundaries with his money after his mom had pressured him to give him a $2500 “loan” that she really had no intention of paying back. That situation was tough to see as a teacher, but I think it was just as valuable as any in showing me that when these students learn to manage money early, their lives are going to be free of so much of the trouble that they otherwise could have had.

This class is incredibly personal to me. I was the classic “poor kid” who didn’t learn much from my parents about managing money the right way. I had student loan debt from a BS and an MA. I have used credit cards for survival and for unnecessary impulse purchases. I have had to learn so much of what I now teach “the hard way”. But, I am now driving a paid for car (2016 Subaru Outback!), I have no more student loans or credit card balances, and my husband and I are about 14 months from paying off the mortgage. I know the amazing feeling of freedom that comes from paying off debt and seeing the future differently. My 6 year old daughter will have a better life because of the way that we are choosing to live.

Teaching this course is like teaching .a part of my heart. The students in my classes will have opportunities and wealth that may not have otherwise had because of what they are learning.

Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing movement!