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Deadline for new QuickBooks Desktop users

Intuit announced in November 2023 that they were discontinuing certain QuickBooks Desktop products for new users as of July 31st this year. That deadline is fast approaching for those businesses and individuals looking to switch to QuickBooks Desktop. According to...

Year-Round Tax Planning Tips for Taxpayers

Here are some simple things taxpayers can do throughout the year to make filing season less stressful. Organize tax records. Create a system that keeps all important information together. Taxpayers can use a software program for electronic recordkeeping or store paper...

IRS Reminders for Your Tax Preparation

WASHINGTON - As the April 15 filing deadline approaches, the Internal Revenue Service issued a reminder to taxpayers on ways to prevent typical errors on their federal tax returns to help speed potential refunds. Collect all tax-related paperworkTaxpayers should...

You may qualify for an ABLE savings account

You may qualify for an ABLE savings account

People with disabilities and their families can use Achieving a Better Life Experience or ABLE accounts to help pay for qualified disability-related expenses. ABLE accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts that don’t affect eligibility for government assistance programs.

Don’t let a tax mistake ruin newlywed bliss

Don’t let a tax mistake ruin newlywed bliss

When people get married their tax situation often changes. A taxpayer’s marital status as of December 31 determines their tax filing options for the entire year, but that’s not all newlyweds need to know.